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Integrated Muscular Therapy

We probably don’t need to convince you that massage therapy can help you feel better. But massage can have a much deeper impact when combined with Chiropractic and Functional Movement. Chiropractic addresses the structure, Functional Movement addresses the movement patterns and Massage Therapy addresses the retention of that new information.

Massage therapy sort of erases muscle memory. Creating a clean slate. By loosening muscles and removing trigger points (“knots”) massage therapy allows your muscles to more easily incorporate the new information being given to them.

How Massage Therapy Helps

In addition to providing physical benefits, massage therapy offers many physiological benefits as well. When received on a regular basis massage therapy can help lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), lower blood pressure in the hours and days following the treatment, increase endorphins (a natural painkiller), as well as help to aid in digestion, circulation and a general reduction in stress and tension. 

Every massage is personalized for the individual. You and your therapist will discuss areas of treatment, pressure and style preference to provide the most enjoyable and effective massage at each session. Clients may remain clothed or undress to their level of comfort. 

What to Expect

Every massage is personalized for each individual. You may prefer gentle or heavy pressure during your massage session. We encourage you to let your massage therapist know your preferences both before and during your custom massage.

Different massages also require different motions. For example, your massage therapist may incorporate rubbing, kneading, and gentle to deep pressure using his/her hands, fingers, palms, fists or elbows during your massage. In addition, some massage therapy involves the use of warm oil to reduce friction during massage.

Be sure to let your massage therapist know about all injuries, pain, discomfort, and current medications and treatment before your massage session.


“Draping” – sheets and blankets, will be used at all times to ensure a discreet and professional environment.

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