Regenerative Medicine

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Regenerative Medicine Summary

Regenerative Medicine restores a joint that has deteriorated to the point of pain and dysfunction. Done as an outpatient joint injection our regenerative products can help rebuild cartilage, reduce the effects of arthritis and restore mobility.

How Regenerative Medicine Helps

Regenerative Medicine is the use of the body’s own healing process to help restore and rebuild the tissue in a compromised or injured area of the body. The products we use are administered through a simple in-office injection by our trained Nurse Practitioner.  

The injection typically includes growth factors, nutrients, hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatory cytokines. The product stimulates the natural healing process, the anti-inflammatories help reduce pain and pressure and the growth factors create very potent conditions to accelerate the repair process. 


When combined with our whole body treatment system regenerative medicine can restore mobility and freedom to an area that has been restricted and painful for years!

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