“I went from pretty moderate pain my neck, shoulders and lower back to basically no pain most days. I am able to pick my son up without feeling pain!”

Kadie B

“My Back pain is reduced, and my wrist tendinitis pain completely gone. I’ve lost 20 pounds due to increased mobility!”

Susan M

“Since I have been coming I have been feeling great. No more pain when I walk and I can get out of bed with no problem. One of the best choices I have made for myself. “

Antonio Anderson

“I have been feeling great overall and have not had any issues with my herniated discs. I believe the fact that I have lost all the extra weight along with this treatments has contributed to my progress.!”

Brenda R

“Went from extreme pain in my back to complete comfort. I’m not nearly as concerned about a twitch of discomfort. I’m so relaxed and ready to get into exercise programs, playing golf and tennis again. “

Steve Greer

“My experience with Dr. Andy Wright has been great! I had bad lower back pain and issues with my neck, and after three or four visits, most of my discomfort was gone. I would tell anyone with this type of discomfort to try chiropractic care. Everyone at this office was very kind and helpful. I am happy I decided to see Dr. Wright.”

Nancy M

“After attempts by two other chiropractors and a year and half of numbness and pain I found GreenLife Wellness and it has been a wonderful experience. Dr. Wright had my shoulder completely pain free and without numbness. I found relief from my symptoms within 4 weeks of starting my treatment plan. A wonderful practice with friendly and helpful staff. Thank you Doc for all you have done for me these past few years!”

Danny M

“When I came to Dr. Wright I could barely walk, within weeks I was doing good but had a long way to go. Thru all the months coming Dr. Wright has helped me many times when I would have pain from my set backs. Now I am doing a lot better walking and living with less pain daily. Dr. Wright was even able to help my terrible headaches that medicine wouldn’t touch. Dr. Wright knows what he is doing and I’m so thankful he has helped me. “

Kami S

“I will never stop being thankful for this place. I went from having a life of daily dreadful pain to finally being a pain free young adult that I’m supposed to be. After being told numerous diagnosis and going through plenty of bad doctor experiences I was learning to accept that I would just always have back pain. Thanks to GreenLife Wellness that’s a thing of the past and now I’m active and forever grateful!”

Andrea A

“I first came in with severe back pain and tightness in my neck and shoulders. Since seeing Dr. Andy my back has improved slightly. He gives great recommendations such as work outs to try, food and drink suggestions to help with inflammations and general tips. I thoroughly enjoy being a patient of his and know my symptoms will continue to improve with treatment. Great staff and very friendly!”

Erin Brown

“Thank you to Dr Wright for caring for my entire family over the past few years. Chiropractic care has made a difference in our lives. My husband no longer has to worry about back pain. I have more energy, and have lost 10 pounds (and counting). My children have better posture, and have experienced healing from sports injuries, and enjoy better health in general. Dr. Wright is informative and encouraging. I learn new ways to stay healthy at every visit! I would encourage everyone to make chiropractic care a part of your life.”


“About four years ago, i was seeking chiropractic help for an old back injury that was causing new trouble. The primary reason I chose Dr. Wright was that he holds certification in the Gonstead technique. Members of my extended family had experienced healing from a Gonsstead certified chiropractor in another state and I wanted to see if I could experience similar results. I’m glad to say that I did. Then a few months later I injured my shoulder during and over zealous session with kettle bell weight. A few adjustments later my shoulder was back to normal. I now make regular visits every three weeks for an adjustment to help keep my body working strong.”

Dan Olson

“I was introduced to GreenLife through work and was given a free consultation. I went due to chronic knee pain and thought why not try a chiropractor. I played lacrosse for 9 years. Through Dr. Andy and GreenLife we took X-Ray of my spine and found out my pelvis had been out of alignment and had caused my right knee to rotate out of alignment. Dr. Andy has been working on resetting my pelvis and after the first two appointments I noticed a real difference in my knee and will definitely continue to see Dr. Andy after my treatment is complete.”

Ryan Matthew

“GreenLife Wellness has been a wonderful addition to my health routine. Dr. Andy is very patient and does his absolute best to make sure you know what he is doing as well as why. I hurt my back at a cross fit workout in March and with functional movement I have seen proper progress with the way my body moves and before when I would see pain in my knees after 3 mile runs and I’m now able to get to 4 miles without pain. I will continue to do my best to progress and follow all the suggestions so my body is at optimal performance! I am thankful for all the GreenLife Wellness staff!”

Natalie D

“Before coming to Greenlife Wellness, I had constant headaches, could not drive long distances without my back hurting, was waking up in the middle of the night due to back pain, and could barely sit through a whole class for school. It wasn’t long after working with Dr. Andy that my body started to feel better. His adjustments have made day to day responsibilities a lot more bearable! I rarely have headaches and my back does not bother me when driving, sleeping, or sitting in long classes. Greenlife Wellness has been a blessing”

Kelsi G

“This has been a completely positive experience. I have suffered neck pain and daily headaches for 30 years. These have been reduced to a “normal” occasion, in my eyes. Dr. Andy has listened to my trouble spots and showed me that I have had others that I wasn’t aware of. I now have far better overall movement, he’s been amazing knowing how much of an adjustment I need each time, to achieve results. Danielle has taught me so many ways to stretch and strengthen my body. I do many throughout the day with my normal activities, not requiring a “work out time”. All the staff are professional but more importantly they are so encouraging, that is key. “

Virginia B

“It is just one year since my first visit to Dr. Andrew Wright.
There have been difficulties concerning my back for many years, caused by scoliosis, osteoporosis, and arthritis.
I have been faithful to a regimen of physical therapy for several years to strengthen core muscles. This helps, but is not enough to keep my spine in alignment, and very often I had been incapacitated and limited by pain. This led to prescription pain medicine and over the counter ibuprofen that eventually played havoc with my digestive system.
Interested in seeing a chiropractic doctor I could trust, I was led by a good friend to make an appointment with Dr. Andy.
I am now receiving an adjustment every two weeks, very rarely take anything for pain, and feel I can lead a normal life!
Dr. Andy is a personable young man, a caring professional, an effective doctor~~~and a really good guy! GreenLife Wellness is the best Chiropractor in Greenville, SC”

Sandra R

“In March of 2010, I fell from a 12’ ladder onto a concrete floor. I came to Dr. Andy Wright after two years of rehab, chiropractic treatment, massage therapy and ever increasing dosages of pain medication, none of which had proven effective in managing my chronic pain. The Gonstead approach, frankly, was a last resort for me. Now I wish that I had been steered in that direction from the very start. Through a systematic approach to diet and exercise, I was slowly able to eliminate the majority of my pain meds and experienced an increase in my physical and mental energy that I had not known for a long time. Regular chiropractic adjustments led to better mobility and a return to life activities that I thought I would have to give up permanently. Don’t get me wrong, I still experience a certain level of chronic pain depending on my work requirements, environmental conditions and levels of stress, and I’ve come to accept that there are no ‘miracle cures.’ But Dr. Wright has helped me learn how to manage my personal health more effectively and return to a quality of life similar to that which I knew before my accident. He is a kind, meticulous, intelligent professional who clearly cares about the welfare of his patients.”

Matthew A

“Hello, my name is Brooke Knauss, I am 16 years old and a former high school basketball player. While playing basketball, I managed to get 4 concussions in two years. After my first concussion realized I would get mild headaches for a few hours about 3 times a week. After my second concussion, my headaches worsened and I had them about 4 times a week. When I sustained my third concussion, my headaches would get bad whenever I would exert myself in anyway, especially running. Now the headaches would last all day. Then finally, after my fourth concussion my headaches were as bad as I ever could have imagined. They would be there every day, all day. I went to a lot of different doctors, tried special diets, and saw a different chiropractor but nothing seemed to help. I went four years with having those horrible headaches all day, every day then I heard
Dr. Andy Wright and his office. I started my care in September and Dr. Andy told me that he thought he could help me. He said he hoped to have my headaches completely gone or at least improved how frequently I got them. He was right. It is now December and I may have a headache once every two weeks and they’re barely noticeable. I never thought that I would see the day I would be pain free. If it wasn’t for Dr. Andy, I would not have the headache-free life that I have today. So thank you!!”

Brook Knauss

“I have suffered from chronic pain for the past twelve years due to fibromyalgia. During these past several years I have sought treatment with a chiropractor whom I would visit twice per week for two and a half years. My relief would last the remainder of that day; however, the pain would return by morning. I have had issues with a stiff neck lack of mobility in my neck as well as burning sensations that would radiate from my neck down through my back, shoulders, and arms. As a single mother, I have to be quite independent, but the pain would make tasks that should be easy, extremely difficult. Lifting objects above my head was an issue as the pain would feel like a knife cutting through my neck and upper back. Yard maintenance was near impossible as I would all too often require a visit to the ER the next day for injections that would help to alleviate the excruciating pain which would cripple me.
The chronic pain that I’ve been feeling has taken over my life, until recently. I experienced my first visit with Dr. Andy Wright on August 5th, 2013. He is extremely thorough by not only taking x-rays, but also performing multiple tests in order to target your specific issue. Dr. Andy takes his time with you to explain his findings and puts together a plan to fit your personal needs.
Being a patient of chiropractic previously, I believed I knew how the process was going to go and what I should expect. I was a little hesitant at first because the previous treatment I was given did not leave me much hope for any kind of long-term relief. I was surprised how different this experience was. Dr. Andy adjusted me in a way that the other chiropractor did not. Before, I would lie on a table and the doctor would just do a quick “crack”, I don’t want to call what he did an adjustment now that I know the difference. At each visit, Dr. Andy uses a device which detects where the problem areas are. He then uses his fingers to help locate the area of concern, then he will perform an adjustment in the exact locations that require attention.
I am completely ecstatic to say that after the first treatment alone I was able to do yard work (such as: mowing, weeding, trimming, and even edging). The following day I was prepared to wake up the next morning in severe pain; however, I was shocked by the comfort I had when getting out of bed. I was able to tackle the garage and the other household chores with no pain at all. Dr. Andy has worked wonders with me as I finally feel my age again! No more sleepless nights lying in bed in tears due to the burning sensations that are radiating down my body. My energy levels are rising due to better sleep patterns and the activity level are reflecting my increased energy. Dr. Andy has changed my life in only a matter of weeks and that is something that I never thought possible.
Thank you, Dr. Andy, for not only giving me hope, but also for helping to give me my life back! I am a Very Grateful Patient.”

Kristen K

“I had been searching for a chiropractor in Greenville, when the massage therapist from Greenlife Wellness Chiropractic visited my workplace. He gave me a business card for one free visit with Dr. Andy Wright. Since the first meeting was at no cost, I wanted to check it out.

Dr. Andy was personable and very professional. He and his staff taught me what the Gonstead Chiropractic practice is and what it will do for me. He x-rayed my spine, shoulders and pelvic region and then discussed his findings with me. I must say that I was shocked—having been a chiropractic patient for many years in a different state.

The Gonstead practice uses visualization, instrumentation, palpation, motion and x-rays to detect problems in your spinal region. The Gonstead practice is a hands on therapy. Reading about it after my first visit to Greenlife Wellness, I realized the dedication and years of study that the chiropractors who use this practice go through.

My very first “official” doctor/patient visit with Dr. Andy was interesting. Because of the noise of machines in the past, I had never heard my body respond in such a way. Dr. Andy adjusted my hip, I stood up and realized that the pressure and chronic pain was minimalized to a dull ache. In one visit.

It would be a fairy tale to say I was cured. Because my body had adjusted to the misalignment for so many years, it kept trying to ‘correct’ itself to the ‘old normal’ instead of the ‘new normal’. However, after a year of adjustments, Dr. Andy again took x-rays and the changes were monumental. What was crooked was straightened, what was kinked was aligned and there was proof in ‘black and white’ that I was being healed.

Going to a chiropractor is all about adjustments. The chiropractor can adjust you, however you must also be willing to make adjustments to your routines and habits.

I began to adjust the way I got in and out of a vehicle. I adjusted the way I held the steering wheel when driving.I adjusted the way I walked (Dr. Andy gave me a lift for one shoe so that my pelvis would be level.) I began to notice how I turned my head, how I sat and the importance of getting up and moving on a regular basis.

I had already met the massage therapist, Shawn, from his visit to our workplace. Dr. Andy said having regular massages would assist my body to its new normal. Shawn works in alignment with Dr. Andy to perform the best massage coordinated with the doctor’s adjustments. (Puns intended.)

There have been a couple set-backs in my therapy. I have been in two car accidents within six weeks of each other where I was rear ended. After each accident I immediately called Greenlife Wellness (after I called 911) and I was given an appointment within an hour. Both accidents caused my body to react in different ways, but extremely similar to the beginning of my chiropractic journey.

As I have been healing, Dr. Andy has brought in Exercise Therapist, Danielle. Extremely personable and patient, Danielle has helped me realize the potential I can achieve with yoga poses, stretching exercises, tenacity, and humor.

The whole staff at Greenlife Wellness are cheerleaders. They urge you forward and will work with you step by step. From the moment you meet Erica at the front desk until you leave the door with her smiling at you, positive reinforcement and encouragement pushes you to want to be a better healthier you.”

Ouida R